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How Much To Tip Hairdresser


How Much To Tip Hairdresser

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How Much To Tip Hairdresser

How Much To Tip Hairdresser

Understanding the Art of Tipping: A Comprehensive Guide to Hairdresser Gratuity


Tipping has become an integral part of American culture, especially in the service industry. Hairdressers, like other service providers, rely on tips to supplement their often meager base salaries. As a consumer, understanding the etiquette and appropriate amount to tip can ensure that you are both respectful and generous. This comprehensive guide will delve into the nuances of hairdresser tipping, providing insights and practical advice to help you navigate this social custom with confidence.

Standard Tipping Guidelines

According to industry standards, a gratuity of 15-20% is considered customary for hair services in the United States. This range is based on the following factors:

  • Level of Service: Excellent service that exceeds expectations warrants a higher tip, typically in the 20% range.
  • Technical Skill: Hairstylists with exceptional cutting, coloring, or styling abilities deserve recognition with a generous tip.
  • Time and Effort: Lengthy appointments or complex procedures require more time and effort, which should be reflected in the tip.
  • Special Occasions: Weddings, proms, or other special events often warrant a higher tip as a token of appreciation for the hairdresser’s role in making the day memorable.

Assessing Service Quality

Determining the level of service received is crucial in determining an appropriate tip. Consider the following elements:

  • Professionalism: Was the hairdresser courteous, attentive, and respectful throughout the appointment?
  • Communication: Did the hairdresser listen to your requests and explain the process clearly?
  • Technical Expertise: Was the haircut, color, or styling performed with precision and artistry?
  • Overall Satisfaction: How satisfied are you with the final result and the overall experience?

Special Circumstances

There are certain situations where the standard tipping guidelines may not apply:

  • Apprentices or Trainees: While it is not expected to tip apprentices or trainees as much as experienced hairdressers, a small token of appreciation is appropriate if the service is satisfactory.
  • Multiple Services: If you receive multiple services during one appointment, consider increasing the tip slightly to recognize the hairdresser’s time and effort.
  • Unsatisfactory Service: If you are not satisfied with the service, it is acceptable to tip a smaller amount or not tip at all. However, it is recommended to communicate your concerns directly to the hairdresser or salon manager.

Additional Tips for Tipping:

  • Round Up: If the tip amount is close to a round number, consider rounding up slightly as a gesture of appreciation.
  • Cash or Credit: While both cash and credit card tips are acceptable, cash is generally preferred as hairdressers often report it as income.
  • Timing: Tip your hairdresser at the end of your appointment, before leaving the salon.
  • Discreet Delivery: Hand the tip directly to your hairdresser or place it in the tip jar discreetly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average tip for a haircut?

A: For a standard haircut, a 15-20% tip is customary.

Q: Should I tip my hairdresser if I don’t like the haircut?

A: While it is not required, a small tip may be appropriate if the hairdresser made an effort to meet your requests. However, if the service was unsatisfactory, it is acceptable not to tip.

Q: Is it okay to tip less than 15%?

A: While 15-20% is the standard range, tipping less than 15% is generally not recommended unless the service was exceptionally poor.

Q: How much should I tip for a special occasion hairstyle?

A: For special occasions such as weddings, a higher tip of 20-25% is appropriate to recognize the hairdresser’s extra effort and contribution to making the event memorable.

Q: What is the best way to tip multiple hairdressers?

A: If multiple hairdressers work on your hair, it is appropriate to tip each hairdresser separately based on the level of service provided.


Tipping your hairdresser is an important way to show your appreciation for their skill, effort, and dedication. By understanding the standard etiquette and assessing the quality of service received, you can ensure that your tip is both fair and generous. Remember that tipping should be a reflection of your satisfaction with the experience and a token of your support for the hairdresser’s profession. By embracing this social custom, you can contribute to a positive and mutually respectful service relationship.