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How Long To Beat

How Long To Beat

How Long to Beat: A Comprehensive Guide to Video Game Completion Times

In the realm of video games, the concept of "How Long to Beat" (HLTB) has emerged as a crucial measure of gameplay experience, providing players with an estimated time frame for completing various game types. This guide delves into the intricate details of HLTB, exploring its significance, methodology, and implications for gaming enthusiasts.

The Importance of HLTB

HLTB serves as an invaluable resource for gamers by enabling them to make informed decisions about their playtime investment. Whether it’s a short and sweet indie adventure or an epic open-world RPG, knowing the approximate completion time can help players allocate their gaming hours wisely. HLTB also aids in setting realistic expectations, avoiding the frustration of underestimating the game’s length or the disappointment of overestimating it.

Types of Completion Times

HLTB categorizes completion times into three primary types:

  • Main Story: Encompasses the core narrative experience, including primary quests and cutscenes.
  • Main Story + Extras: Includes the main story time plus additional content, such as side quests, collectibles, and minigames.
  • Completionist: The most comprehensive completion type, encompassing both the main story and all optional content, including challenges, achievements, and collectibles.

Methodology and Variations

HLTB relies on a rigorous methodology to compile its completion time data. A diverse group of gamers contribute their estimates, which are then averaged to provide an accurate representation of the game’s length. However, variations in playstyles, skill levels, and preferences can lead to differences in individual completion times.

Factors Influencing Completion Time

Several factors can influence the completion time of a video game, including:

  • Game Genre: Action games tend to be shorter than RPGs or open-world games.
  • Game Complexity: More complex games with intricate gameplay mechanics and extensive storylines require more time to complete.
  • Player Skill: Experienced gamers typically complete games faster than beginners.
  • Player Preferences: Completion time can vary depending on whether players prioritize the main story or explore all optional content.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the three main completion types, HLTB provides additional insights:

  • Average Time: The average completion time for all players across all platforms.
  • Median Time: The middle value of completion times, offering a more representative estimate for most players.
  • Speedrun Time: The fastest possible completion time achieved by highly skilled players using glitches or other optimization techniques.


Q: Why do completion times vary between different sources?
A: Completion time data can vary due to differences in methodology, sample size, and player skill levels. HLTB’s data is widely regarded as reliable due to its large sample size and rigorous averaging process.

Q: How can I estimate my own completion time?
A: Consider your playstyle, skill level, and whether you prefer to focus on the main story or explore all optional content. Adjust the average completion time accordingly.

Q: Can HLTB account for future updates or expansions?
A: HLTB tracks changes to game versions and updates its completion times when necessary. However, major expansions may require separate estimates.

Q: Are completion times the same for different platforms?
A: Completion times can vary slightly across platforms due to hardware differences or exclusive content. HLTB provides separate estimates for each platform where available.

Q: What are some tips for speeding up my completion time?
A: Focus on completing the main story first, minimize exploration and side quests, and use guides or walkthroughs to navigate the game efficiently.


Understanding HLTB estimates empowers gamers to make informed decisions about their gaming experiences. By providing accurate completion times, HLTB helps players manage their expectations, allocate their time effectively, and maximize their enjoyment of various video games. Embracing these insights can enhance the overall gaming journey, allowing players to tailor their playtime to their desired pace and aspirations.